Ranzal Profitability & Cost Management Improvement Index

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Based on your responses to our Profitability and Cost Management Improvement Index Survey (PCMII), we have determined that your group is a great candidate for our “Best Next Step” category.

You are doing a superior job already. Your group is in an elite class, exhibiting a core competency that sets it apart from other. Your company takes profitability and cost management seriously—and it shows.

What’s next? It may seem there is little room for improvement, however we believe that sometimes in this last area of incremental improvement, we can take the greatest strides—and see the greatest results. In fact, based on our experience, profit improvement opportunities of .1% to 1% or more of revenue are attainable. When combined with the potential for resource efficiency improvements related to technology and staffing, you can sleep better at night knowing you are getting every last ounce of your PCM investments.

Insight prevails. At Edgewater Ranzal, we have the wisdom and the track record to work with your team to capitalize and build upon all of the great progress and results you have created. We have deep experience working with companies like yours looking to further expand your PCM purpose without significant interruption.

Let’s talk! We’d like to hear more about where you are right now and share some insight into how we can best help your organization take that next—and perhaps best—step.