Ranzal Profitability & Cost Management Improvement Index

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Based on your responses to our Profitability and Cost Management Improvement Index Survey (PCMII), we have determined that your group is a great candidate for our “Creating a Roadmap” category.

We truly understand you. Your group represents the kind of companies we see the most. You’re doing the best you can with the resources and tools you’ve been given. In fact, based on our experience, profit improvement opportunities of .1% to 1.5% or more of revenue are attainable. When combined with the potential for resource efficiency improvements related to technology and staffing, you can sleep better at night because you won’t have the stress of just barely delivering your PCM results in the nick of time.

You’d like to do more. “Working smarter, not harder” sounds like a great approach, but easier said than done sometimes, right? You’re passionate, yet you’re under-invested and need more—where do you begin and in which order?

A customized roadmap that works. This is where we come in: our expertise is in helping you move closer to your customized best practices—at your pace and in a prioritized way that makes sense.


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